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Nightscapes and Delhi roads – Starlights and Light panning

Late night photography on Delhi roads is all about Sodium Vapour lights and asphalt. Sparse and fast moving traffic means you can capture light trails against the inky blackness of the city at night.

We begin from INA, the start point of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu or Barapullah flyover. This elevated expressway takes you from the heart of the city to across the Jamuna into Noida. Somewhere halfway is a viewpoint where you can park your car and check out the night view of the city against the illuminated dome of Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun's Tomb viewed from Barapullah flyover

Another view of below the flyover and nearby buildings clicked from the view point.

The next stopover is the junction where Delhi-Meerut Expressway crossed below the Noida link road. This road has a metro line running parallel and gives a majestic view of the Akshardham Temple lit in golden hues.

The trick here is to catch the lights of a metro train passing by along with the road traffic. If captured correctly, we can see all the light trails.

Delhi Meerut Expressway

Final part of this journey takes us to the Signature Bridge, another well lit structure with a imposing view of the Yamuna.

Light trails and Star Lights captured by the 8 mm Samyang Fish Eye lens with Gorilla stand mounted on Canon 600D.

ISO 100 and Exposure set for 10 seconds to get trail effects.

Watch out for the speeding traffic and occasional tipplers.

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