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Over The Top, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Over The Top is a family restaurant which has some surprises in store. Janakpuri is a huge locality, most of which is residential. Delhites are fond of eating out. Over The Top is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal. But there are a few things you should know before a visit.

Quick Read

  • Family restaurant with a bar
  • Outside smoking area
  • Pizza oven!
  • Buffet is the best option
  • No problem with parking
  • Other items on the menu, but should they be avoided?
  • Diners tend to overrate it

Location of Over The Top

The restaurant is located right on the main road. Best landmark is the Pantaloons. Same building, on the third floor. You do not get valet parking. But there is sufficient space around. Also note that there is an inner road alongside the main road. You have to time your entry on the inner road at the right time.

About the restaurant

Over The Top is designed ground up as a place to enjoy with family and friends at affordable rates. Rs 600 gives you 5 Veg Starters, 5 Non Veg Starters, a huge variety of main course, lots of dessert options and unlimited soft drinks. This is for a Sunday Brunch. Just amazing pricing. Sunday dinner gets a bit expensive. But with lunch on week days, the pricing gets even better. That too with unlimited alcohol, with some catch of course. You have to check up with the restaurant for their latest offers.

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As you step in Over The Top, one is surprised by how good the interiors are done up. Good seating arrangement in a small space. Two huge sofa seating which can easily accommodate 10 plus. Three tables in a row which can join to accommodate about 20 people. Then a few four seaters. An elevated platform which can double up as a stage or a dance floor otherwise accommodates three tables. And then the outdoor seating which has three tables seating six each. With all these tables, the seating is flexible but not huge. There is a possibility that there will be waiting on weekends. Waiting can be a bit long since the families will take time to clear tables. Seating, tables, decor, ambiance, it is all premium. Some reviewers have noted some signs of normal usage. But overall this place will impress you. The huge glass windows give an excellent view of outside. The corner table specially gives a view of the passing Metro trains.

About the food choices – buffet or a la carte

Well that is a tough choice. More tougher after you see a pizza over outside. Now why would a buffet restaurant install a pizza oven. That is to tell their customers that they are serious about their menu. Menu starts with soup, salads and starters. Starters are local as well as exotic. And there is a tandoor. Then there is pasta which has a few customization options and of course the pizza. Main course is Indian and Chinese with a few other options thrown in. It is very difficult to choose between buffet or individual items. But if on doubt, go for the buffet.

There is no grill on the table, but snacks arrive fast and are served hot. Portions and sizes are generous. No complaints there. The main course in buffet is also large variety. Food can easily be rated at least 4.5 out of 5. This is also including the value for money part.

So what is the catch

Zomato is avg rating of 3.5 out of 5. This is very low considering the pricing and the quality of food. But reviewers cannot be so wrong. While I had a good experience with the food and lunch, there are a few issues regarding consistency of service which have brought down the rating. Like for example when we reached the place, the lift was not working. So along with us a few other families have to tread up the stairs. For us it was a good exercise to increase the appetite. But imagine the slightly elder guests. And on the top I was expecting someone to attend the problem. Later I observed the someone had disappeared, only to reappear after the problem was fixed.

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