cyberhub main building

Panorama photography at DLF CyberHub, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

DLF CyberHub, Gurugram, Delhi NCR is an ultimate food destination. But besides being the tall corporate buildings provide an interesting photography subject. Before the arrival of my fisheye lens, I decided to do a recce with Mi Mijia 3.5 k 360 action camera and Canon 600D.  Incase of Mi 360 action camera, pictures are auto stitched and 360 degree panorama pictures are ready to upload. But in case of the DSLR, I have used Hugin Software.

First picture is a panorama of office building stitched with eight photos in two rows

cyberhub main building

Another panorama picture from the top floor. This is a series of 7 picture in one row.

DLF Cyberhub

And finally the 360 degree panorama picture clicked with the Xiaomi Mi 360 cam.

360 degree photo of DLF Cyberhub

Same picture in Google Street View

Next are the tiny planets made with Ricoh Theta app.

And then in the end the animation of a 360 degree picture made by the Ricoh Theta App.

All panorama pictures have been clicked in manual mode and auto focus turned off. ISO set at 3200 and light setting one notch less than balanced to induce the darkness.




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