Panorama and Rainbow with Hugin Panorama Stitcher

This is a first attempt to capture a rainbow and a panorama together. We caught the rainbow, a rare occurrence in Delhi towards the evening. There was very less time to capture it, and it was already fading. The pictures have been taken with a Canon 600D. They panorama has been stitched with Hugin Panorama Editor.

Rainbow captured with a panorama

Here are the settings for DSLR and their explanation

F-stop – f/10 This setting ensures enough information for a landscape shoot as some buildings were also included. Not using a tripod is a big risk. Keep and eye on the light meter.

Exposure time – 1/200 sec Again a risk without a tripod. This settings has been taken with the light meter in mind again.

ISO Speed – ISO 100 Dont know why I did it. Next time will try higher ISO. If there is a next time. LOL.

Focal length – 25 mm Just to get enough in the frame.

All settings were set at Manual.

Hugin Panorama Editor

Among the very limited software which are available to stitch panoramas, the paid ones are Adobe Lightroom and PTGui. Free ones are Hugin and Canon panorama stitcher. The later one is specially interesting as it comes in a CD with every Canon Camera. It does a pretty good job at stitching panoramas.

Hugin Panorama Stitcher on the other hand is the most versatile panorama software at it can handle all lens types and all projection types. There are tons and tons of features. But the best part is that it works in an auto mode if the photographs have been taken properly in a sequence and there are enough vertical control points.

Setting for Projection type in Hugin Panorama Stitcher is Cylindrical.

Here is another quick photo, for that just in case scenario.


Finally as I was packing up my stuff, I just happened to look at the other end of the sky. All this while the scene was behind me as I was fully engrossed with the rainbow. It is the sun which causes the rainbow and it was setting majestically.

setting sun

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