paramjeet machi wala

Paramjeet Machi Wala, Moti Nagar, New Delhi

As you approach Moti Nagar Metro Station after leaving Raja Garden and Rajouri Garden behind you will suddenly see a lot of cars crowded at a particular place. There is no space to squeeze in to place your order. And you start wondering, what is this place. This is the very popular Paramjeet Machi Wala of Moti Nagar.

Location of Paramjeet Machi Wala

The location of this outlet has been wrongly marked on Google Maps. This goes to say that the crowd sourcing has still not hit the masses and that is what Google is eventually aiming at. The nearest landmark is the Moti Nagar Metro station. It is close to Fun Cinemas which has now been renamed as TDI Fun Republic.

What to order and how to order

The best option is to arrive in a four wheeler and slow down in front of the shop. Between the honking of the cars which are following you which you have to ignore and finding a space to park, some one will come with a whistle and make space for you. After that it is a cakewalk as you will get personalized service. You can ponder over the menu, have discussion with your server and wait for the food to arrive in the comfort of your car or SUV. Going to the counter is courting with chaos. But there is some order in the madness. There is no menu as such but lots of these small notice boards placed all around the shop. Once you make up your mind, then there is the check on availability. The shop opens only between 5 PM to 10:30 PM. There are pretty good chances that something might run out. It is very difficult to strike a conversation with someone on the counter. But it is all fun.

About the food

Fish Tandoori and Chicken Tandoori is processed very fast. If you order these, chances are you might get something fast. Rolls are also prepared fast. Fry items take a bit time, but not too much. There is also an interesting item, Special Crispy Kebab which can be tried. Fish is available either in tandoor or pakora form. Go for the tandoor fish. It is soft and boneless. There is the outer crispy layer smoked by the tandoor and insides are soft and juicy. Getting this soft fish in the tandoor and taking it out at the correct temperature when it is cooked is a feat in itself. Pricing is premium. Six huge pieces of fish tandoor will set you back by Rs 400 which is quite steep. People are still buying. So whether it is worth it, it is your call.

Your order is served in a paper plate with onions and chutney. Everything is neatly covered by a tissue paper and given. Most cars pick up their order and leave which allows space for someone else to come in. Chutney is very tasty.

Why is this place famous

Places like Paramjeet Machi Wala is losing its charm due to onslaught of Food Malls. Looking at the crowds looks like their popularity is not diminishing. But it is a matter of time. The owners have to come up with something innovative. Or they might lose their customer base within just one generation.

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