dry ice photography

Photography with dry ice or solid carbon dioxide

Dry Ice or solidified carbon dioxide can be fun to work with. Carbon Dioxide is produced by humans and animals while inhaling oxygen. Plants do the opposite. Carbon Dioxide maintains the balance in the atmosphere in gaseous form. But in its solid form, it is a very common cooling agent.

Solid carbon dioxide is available in the form of chunks which can be easily crushed into smaller pieces. The most common use can be transportation of ice cream.

Dry Ice when added to water gives a lot of smoke. This effect is used to create a foggy scene for all any suitable occasion. Capturing of this effect is very interesting photography option. I have messed up with the lighting and setting in my first attempt.

Word of caution for handling dry ice

This material is extremely dangerous. It can lead to frost related injuries to hands and skin. It is also harmful when comes in contact with the eyes. In presence of children, it is important that adequate safety precautions are taken. Children at fascinated at the fog effects and will run to see the fun.

The process of creation of fog is called sublimation.

Also watch the video clip as to what happens when dry ice is mixed with water.

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