Pipeline Cafe

Pipeline Cafe, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Pipeline Cafe is a small restaurant in Satyaniketan which has the highest density of restaurants anywhere in the world. So what is so interesting about this restaurant. Is it the food, is it the decor or is it the crowd. Lets read on to find out.

Pipeline Cafe
Board at the entrance, nicely done.

Location of Pipeline Cafe

Pipeline Cafe is not marked on Google maps. It is a thing which the owner has to do as soon as possible. Google Plus is on the move and Google Maps will be an important part of it.

The restaurant is located on the second floor and no lift which means you have to climb all those stairs. nearest landmark is the Pizza Hut outlet. Look around carefully for the board of the restaurant. There is also a person waiting on the street at the entrance to guide you in, but possibly not always.

About Pipeline Cafe

As soon as you enter the place you will be hit by the decor. It is tastefully decorated to suite the young crowd which is cool as they are going to be their main clientele. One side of the wall is fully covered with a row of shelves with lots of small artifacts and interesting show pieces. One side is dominated by a large white clock and the other side is dominated by the bar which does not serve alcohol. But dont miss the mocktails. Fabulous.

Limited seating and restricted space which means during rush hours you might have to wait. Seating is also not too spacious. But what goes along with the decor is those funky benches which are fun to sit on. And the subdued lighting sets the mood to light up the hookah. But be careful, hookah smoke is dangerous and more lethal than the cigarette smoke.

Service is fast and with a smile. Menu is simple but exhaustive. Dont be scared to try any item on the menu since the cooks are quite skilled and give you some good stuff.

About the food

There is Chinese, Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Continental and Sizzlers. You are spoiled with choices. But this vast menu dosent mean that somethings will be special. This is a problem with most restaurants in New Delhi where you will find reviewers complaining about the multiple items on the menu which the kitchen cant do full justice.

The main course is very interesting as it has variety and to check it out, we ordered Peri Peri Chicken and boy it was good. To have a good mix we ordered some Chinese and soups and salad. All items were tasty and presentation was equally good. You dont have to wait much for the good to arrive.

What else about Pipeline Cafe

Nothing more to say but I would like to highlight some simple points

  • One customer visited the washroom and forgot to close the door on the way out. In a jiffy one of the waiters rushed to close it.
  • Reviewers on Zomato are consistent in their ratings and have marked good food as the single most important good point about this restaurant.
  • Prices are unbelievable and combined with good portions we have full tummy without the hole in the pocket.

With this one you can never go wrong.

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