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Potters Village, Kumbhar Wali Gali, New Delhi

Ever since I have seen some pottery photography, I was always excited at the option of a photo shoot. Opportunity presented itself as I chanced upon this place. Kumbhar Wali Gali or Potters Village is a small locality in Janakpuri, Delhi where every house has only one occupation, Pottery.

pots and pans

Location of Potters Village

No problem here as the place is well marked on Google Maps. But since it is locality, there is no pin point location. But the general area is pretty accurate. The main road is Pankha Road.

clay pans arranged

How to reach Potters Village

If you are coming from far, metro is the best option. Nearest metro station is Uttam Nagar. After that there is a short walk through the ultra narrow streets of Bindapur. Arriving in your car, it is possible to drive right upto the place. But do that only if you are skilled in driving in the narrow streets. Uttam Nagar also has a huge bus terminal. Connectivity is no problem. This place is primary a residential area. Workshops are located within the homes.

What you get

Potters Village is a household factory setting. All houses have some sort of makeshift shop in the front part. There is frantic packing activity. They deal in wholesale orders primarily, but welcome retail customers who buy even single pieces. Children can also have a good experience watching how the whole thing is actually done. For first timers, the people are very friendly. They explain everything very nicely.

men at work

For photographers

It is a shopping paradise, no doubt. But for photographers it is a good opportunity to work with geometry, shapes and symmetry. There is also a beautiful dance of sunlight and shadows. Anywhere you look around, there is a nice subject. Even the unfinished items in the workshops are also a delight to click.

workers in Kumbhar wali gali




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