Puppychino, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Delhi is the food capital of India. For a food blogger who is not from Delhi, there are times when this title comes under serious threat. One such instant is when there is a search for pet friendly eating joints. In my search of a year and half, I found none. So is it that difficult to find a pet friendly place in Delhi. Sadly YES. No wonder that when I chanced upon this place while covering Shahpur Jat, I was waiting in anticipation to visit Puppychino.

Location of Puppychino

Puppychino is located in the narrow lanes of Shahpur Jat.

Concept of Pet Friendly place

Over a period of time, pets become part of family. But this concept is not understood by the millions who do not keep a pet. So family time means, visit or a trip to the outskirts or some place inside the city. But in Delhi there are almost no places where pets are welcomed along with the general public. An important family activity is having a meal together. Again Delhi is not so supportive with the concept of having food with your pet. Here is a Zomato search for Delhi NCR for pet friendly places.

Does Puppychino fit the bill

YES. Puppychino has been designed ground up to cater for guests with pets. There is a dining area and a pet area. The pet area is always occupied by three dogs which belong to the owner. There is a procedure to check if your pet dog can be friendly with these resident pets. If everything clicks they can have a place to have fun and socialize. The only problem with this place and the pet area is that it is small. But such a space in Delhi is premium. And with the present situation, better make most of what is available. Also this pet area is air conditioned along with the dining area.

Next comes the dining area. There are a few tables but enough space to allow pets to take a place alongside you. Fellow diners are not bothered because most of them will likely be with their own pets. A bottle of hand sanitizer is placed on each table. Table and chairs are basic and very pet friendly, only basic wooden.


Items on sale

A large part of the wall is lined with dog accessories. Big and small things which are primarily pet needs. Services of Puppychino is not limited to this. A cursory look around and listening to customers requirements, this place caters for special pets requests. One can organize a birthday party for your pet. Complete with an inhouse pet friendly cake. All party accessories are also arranged. The separate Dog menu has specially designed to let them have the fun of eating out. A minimum of four to five hours of advanced notice has to be given to this place to bake a cake. But in times of emergency, a doggy pizza can be prepared immediately. Please do read out the list of instructions before entering the place, especially if it is your first time. The owners of this place have attention to details.

pet accessories on sale

But what about human food

Puppychino is primarily revolving around dog food and dog attention. So human attention, might take a back seat. The human food menu is limited but sufficient for a good time out. You have to write down your order on a piece of paper. This strange practice is to offer that tiny bit of peace which is offered to pets who visit this cafe. Surprised to find it on the menu, I ordered for chicken garlic bread. Taste was surprisingly good. Also heard that their pizza and shakes are tasty.

chicken garlic bread

I asked for permission to click photos. The manager requested me not to use a flash. He was still out of curiosity asking me the reason why I was photographing the place. I tried to avoid answering the question. Thankfully another guest caught his attention and I was saved of revealing the fact that the photos where for this review. Sorry friend, I never reveal that I am a food blogger to any restaurant owner, manager or waiter, even after I have paid the bill.

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