qutub minar

Qutub Minar dazzles the night sky

Qutub Minar is the most popular monument ruins in Delhi. The minaret which forms part of the Qutb Complex sees the largest number of visitors everyday. In a step to promote night tourism, Qutub Minar is now illuminated with LED bulbs. The effect is spectacular.


  • The lighting is done with 445 LED Bulbs. They provide a warm white glow to the monument and its surrounding. LED technology reduces the electricity bills while doing minimal damage to the ancient architecture. The lighting is masterfully done to highlight the design of the minaret.
  • The lights are switched on after sunset and remain on till 11 pm. However the entry is allowed only till 10 pm.
  • If you are paying in cash keep short change at hand. Payment by debit card is stopped in the evening. So its cash only post 6 pm. (Hope this is temporary)
  • Mobiles, Smartphones, Digital Cameras, DSLRs and such photographic equipment is allowed. Camera stand however cannot be taken inside as it is assumed (wrongly) to be part of video shooting equipment.
  • Without a stand, clicking this kind of pictures is definitely a challenge. I had to literally improvise with stands and benches. But the photographing experience itself is exhilarating. The lighting is truly a photographers delight.
qutab minar at night
Our very own leaning tower. Wait no…its a fish eye lens

How to reach there

Being a popular tourist destination, there are a wide range of connectivity options available. Most fastest being the Delhi Metro and most convenient a private cab. There are certain items which are not allowed entry like food items and so on. Bags are checked at entrance.

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