Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat : The national memorial of peace

Every human if possible should make a trip to this place. As generations move on and violence takes our out thoughts and action, we can have a trip to the past where one person shook an empire. Raj Ghat is the place where a black marble platform marks the place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated.

How to reach there

Raj Ghat is prominently marked on Google Maps. It is also a prominent stop on the Delhi tourist circuit. So any tour operator usually covers it. Delhi HoHo Service by Delhi Govt also covers a visit to Raj Ghat. The nearest metro station is newly opened Delhi Gate Station on the Heritage line which starts from JK ITO station to Kashmere Gate. You have to catch an auto or taxi once you come out of the metro. So the best option to drop off right at the place is either a taxi, cab or self driven vehicle.

google map of Raj Ghat

Layout of Raj Ghat

Check out the Google Satellite Map of Raj Ghat. North is on top. The smaller circle on the left depicts the limited parking available for cars and auto rickshaws. This is on the West Side of the memorial. The entry to this parking is marked with a small blue circle and a dot in the center. The capital letter M marks the main entry to the south of the memorial which is closed for the general public. Presumably this is the VIP entrance opened on certain occasions. The bigger circle marks the general parking of buses. Most tourist vehicles park here. There is a walking track with enough shade from the main parking to the East entrance. The walking track is marked with blue arrows.

Few other points to note

  • Timing are from 6 am to 6 pm local time
  • No entry fee
  • Photography is allowed
  • Some items like eatables etc are not allowed
  • No footwear is allowed in the inner lawns. Adequate arrangements to keep them outside
  • Afternoon sun can make the floor hot, esp in summers. Keep a pair of socks

Please maintain peace and calm. It is a memorial.

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