Rajasthali, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Each state and region has its own culture of thali. If you have been to Pune, you will remember those frugal old styled khanavals which have variations of thali on the menu. Their concept is simple, serve lunch or dinner during the respective meal time. Lack of a menu means the restaurant knows what customers are going to order much in advance. Footfall varies in the 10% zone, many times even lesser. So when things are less complicated and fancy, what you get is just a good meal and good service. Rajasthali at Connaught Place provides you with just that.

Location of Rajasthali Connaught Place

About the menu

There is nothing much to describe the menu. It is just simple and pure vegetarian stuff. Also note, it a completely filling and wholesome meal or what they teach in the text books about a balanced diet. But a word of caution to those who cringe at the sight of a heavy traditional meal. This one is on the heavier side and loaded with desi ghee and sweet stuff.

There are slight variations in the menu daily, few items like dal bati churma are regular. Sweet dish also changes with some seasonal items like aam ras being there for a longer time.

There are around 20 items in the thali, all prepared fresh for the meal and served unlimited. A meal for three costs around 1000 rupees. Thats total value for money.

Dal Bati

Ambience and Service

Seating area is pretty small. There are four seaters and two seaters and one odd big table to accommodate a family. The layout in small space is managed well. During peak hours, the waiters manage the place well with so many items on the menu. They keep asking people as to what they would like to eat next. They also keep a watchful eye on everyones plate. Anything missing is promptly brought up. Saturdays and Sundays are specially busy and there is a long waiting which might even stretch to an hour plus. During rush hours there is an old gentleman at the door noting down waiting list.

Once inside they place the massive plate on the table with small katoris and each get filled up in no time. There are waves and waves of options coming towards you. During rush hours, the waiters are in a kind of hurry, so you can stop them and ask what they are serving for the first time. Stomach full meal is a guarantee.

Rajsathali is a paradise for vegetarians and for non veg guys it is place of discovery. Can veg food be tasty, this place is the answer. This place might have missed one start, but I decided to go for the five star rating because at the rate which they are going, they should have enough capital to expand their seating area. Post COVID where most business are struggling in Connaught Place, this restaurant should go for expansion mode and add more space to the dining hall.

Welcome drink at Rajasthali
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