Raw Creams, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Live ice cream is the new hotness. It is attracting a lot of attention in the media lately. The popular cooking show, MasterChef India featured it in one of the episodes. Ice cream parlours serving freshly prepared ice creams are opening up all over Delhi. A nice marketing push for this new hotness. We checked out the happening first hand at Raw Creams.

Location of Raw Creams

Raw Creams is located on the Hudson Lane which is jam packed with eating joints. Raw Creams is conveniently located on the Ground Floor. It is easy to spot because of the large glass door and eye catching sign.

About the ice cream parlour

This place does not store ice cream. It rather prepares it fresh in front of the customer after the order is placed. The ice cream making process is two types. To be elaborated later. The parlor is rather elongated in shape. It has a live ice cream counter on one side. The other side of the wall has a make shift seating. The walls have been decorated with good graphics. Visitors put post it notes on one side of the wall. Since the ice cream is prepared after order, there will be delays during rush time. Each preparation takes about five minutes plus. The whole place is maintained neat and clean. Workplace is also tidy. Nice music playing the back ground. Parking is free outside, but can get congested. Overall this is a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy a different kind of ice cream.

How a live ice cream is made

Liquid nitrogen is the key ingredient which converts a syrup to ice cream. It is used in two ways, nitro and creamlette. The first process is whipping up a syrup mix and mixing with liquid nitrogen till is freezes to form ice cream. This process is fast and simple. You get scoops of ice cream which can be consumed in a cup or cone. This outlet gives freshly prepared waffle cones. Another nice thing for this place. Freshly prepared waffles cones are a rarity in Delhi.

Liquid nitrogen is stored in canisters. Handling of liquid nitrogen is dangerous and requires expert training and caution. It can give severe cold burn injuries. The exact opposite of hot burns.



Preparation of creamlette is a different and interesting process. A nitrogen plate serves as a work station. Syrup is poured on the plate with other ingredients. As the syrup freezes, it starts getting semi solid. It is then chopped finely and mixed again number of times till it becomes smooth. After that it is flattened and rolled out. The entire process is a treat to watch. It is only the process which is interesting. Taste would be the same as any other ice cream brand. It will ofcourse taste much better than any other packed ice cream with preservatives.

Looking good and yummy.

raw creams

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