red brick cafe

Red Brick Cafe, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

A simple search on Zomato for the top rated restaurants in Karol Bagh shows up an unexpected result. Red Brick Cafe in Karol Bagh has been consistently placed on top for the past one year. But naturally, thetimelock visited this place out of curiosity. And what we found out here is that things best kept simple are the best.

red brick cafe

Location of Red Brick Cafe

Red Brick Cafe is located in the heart of Karol Bagh. Reaching there is not a problem if walking is the option. Reaching there in a four wheeler is also possible. But that is at your own risk. More on that later.

About the cafe

Red Brick Cafe is all about surprises. Let us list them out one by one. First, parking is easily available. Yes ample of parking, right in front of the cafe. Location of the cafe is such that there is no commercial establishment nearby. Infact the whole lane is residential place. So if you are able to take your four wheeler right upto the cafe, do so.

Parking remains an issue with Karol Bagh. Encroachments on the footpath and the road in front of shops. Blocking of available parking by shops and hotels. Extra charging by the parking attendants on Sundays. All these things make a trip to Karol Bagh an unpleasant experience.

The cafe is small in size and has a limited seating and a small kitchen. It will seat only at the top 10 persons at a time. Nice bright lights inside, soft music and cafe settings are complete. The order can be placed at the counter or someone will come to take one. Service takes the usual time what it is supposed to take. No issues here. The person at the counter has a watchful eye on the proceeds. The entire place, seating, counter, display kitchen and all is neat and clean. Shinning as new. Speaks volumes of how this place is maintained by the management.

About the food

The menu is divided in two parts. One is the cakes and pastries and the other is the food. All items in the food menu are quick bites types, but there is lots of variety. There are soups and salads and starters. Then there are a couple of sides. Followed by curries and rolls. And then we have sandwiches, pastas and pizzas. Lastly we also have beverages. For the cakes and sweets part, you need to take tips and suggestions from the server. All in all the perfect menu for such kind of a place. Food takes time to arrive. But one there it is good food all the way. Portions are enough for two people and prices are reasonable. Good and fresh ingredients are used. We tried out Lemon Coriander soup and Chilli Chicken. Finished off the meal with mocktail. This quaint little place is highly recommended.

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