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Remember Me Cafe, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Remember Me Cafe is an unusual name for a restaurant. But it does well in giving itself a strong recall value. Plus good food and nice location makes it a winner. Let us go through the hows and whys about this place and its popularity on Zomato.

What we liked about Remember Me Cafe

  • Bright and lively interiors
  • Cafe styled menu with maggi
  • Food takes time to arrive (catch up with your company)
  • Right priced menu with sufficient portions
  • Outdoor seating
  • Free parking

Location of Remember Me Cafe

About Shahpur Jat and Remember Me Cafe

Shahpur Jat is one of the modern villages in Delhi. Rather than staying back in time, it has caught up with reality and transformed itself into a happening place. This place has attracted lots of startups and entrepreneurs. Shops and boutiques and quite a handful of restaurants. The streets and neat and clean. No garbage thrown around. The by lanes are very narrow. This also means that cars have to left on the main road and rest of the journey is on foot. Parking on the main road is free.

Remember Me Cafe is right there on the main road. It is on the first floor of a largish building. Large windows and outdoor seating attracts attention from outside. The seating area is dominated by a bar counter complete with high chairs. But alcohol is not served here. That might be for future upgrades. There are standard tables for seating four, then there is a seating for large group. Outdoor seating is restricted for just two people at each table. There is also a single seating on high chair against the huge window. Interiors are done up well with a lively theme. Lots of humor pics on the wall. Good music in the background. People mostly come here with friends. Some even come for a business meeting.

Food and the service

Menu is standard cafe type. Pricing is a couple of notches higher than basic. But it is still attractive. And cafe type means main course local food will be just one page. Menu starts with breakfast and a few tea options. Since the cafe opens at nine in the morning, they might be seeing a sizeable number of early customers getting their fill to start the day. Then comes salads, soups and dimsum. Next comes pasta, maggi, sandwich, pizza and burgers. We could not stop ourselves from ordering the most popular food in India. Choice of maggi is chinese, Indian curry and cheese. Plus there are range of toppings like fried eggs, bacon, kheema, etc. All this makes the plain jane maggi very appealing. Plus they prepare two standard sized packets, so quantity is huge.

Further down the menu is appetizers and main course. There is also a small local menu. And in the end there is desserts, smoothies, mocktails and shakes. We see the familiar oreo shake on the menu too. Along with maggi, we ordered the evergreen Chilli Chicken Dry. Service is good, but food takes some time to arrive. Whether it is cafe settings or they take time to prepare, your guess is as good as mine. But overall food is good. It fully deserves the pricing. Portions are just enough for two people. Maggi quantity was huge.

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