RoadRomeo, A star of Defence Colony, Delhi

The market in Defence Colony, Delhi is home to some good restaurants and high end shops. And like similar markets in Delhi, this one has some serious restaurants to compete with each other. So how does a restaurant like RoadRomeo with a simple menu stay in contention. Good food and good service.

The menu of RoadRomeo is dominated by Kashmiri and Hyderabadi dishes. It has two floors of seating, uppers floor is nice and cozy, but the action is on the lower floor which houses a bar. Seating is comfortable and the decor and lighting sets the mood for a good evening. Hats off to the folks to design the whole thing within the limited space available in Defence Colony Market.

We ordered Paneer Tikka, Chicken Biryani and Rista which is meat balls in gravy. Food arrived in pretty good time and we were pretty surprised by the package. Right mix of spice, superb presentation and nice portions.

Paneer Tikka was soft and the masala tasted good. Biryani was nice presented with the boiled egg slices and fried onion rings. Spices were generously used but were not overwhelming. Biryani was almost without any oil. The gravies accompanied with the biryani finsihed in no time.  Meat Balls or Rista was again peppered with  spices but of the correct amount.

This place does deserve a five star but I will be deducting a star. Though we ordered for approx Rs 1000, the bill ran upto Rs 1300/- due to the taxes. Govt is basically killing with the taxes. The people of Delhi need to do something to rein in the greed of a few.

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