Rustom’s, ITO, New Delhi

Parsi Cuisine is distinct and delicious. Rustom’s has made it their mission to bring authentic Parsi food to Delhi. Starting from the menu, to the ingredients and the attention to detail, its all there. Rustom’s started off in Adchini, but now they are part of Delhi Parsi Anjuma. The location is right on the main road with ample parking. Recipes passed down from generation to generation cooked home style. Served in a space designed as a Parsee home.

History of Parsees

Parsis started arriving in India during the 8th century. Initially they settled in South Gujarat as a farming community in a place called Sanjan. Legend has it that the local King Jadi Rana presented a jar full of milk to the first group of Zoroastrians who asked for a place to settle. This signified the message that our kingdom is already full. The leader mixed sugar in the milk without spilling a single drop which was a reply that they will mix up well without anyone noticing. The king asked them to do so and then they adopted Gujarati as their language and the women started wearing sarees! They have maintained their customs and distinct identity at the same time becoming a part of Indian society.

During the early 1600, British started arriving in the form of the East India Company. Many Parsis took up jobs in the factories and business establishments created by the British merchants in and around Surat. When the East India Company acquired the lease of the seven islands of Bombay, they decided to shift their focus of activities from Surat to present day Mumbai. Parsis moved along with them and started an era of economic prosperity. They excelled in field of education, trade, business, industry and also fields of creativity and arts. When Dadabhai Naoroji occupied a seat in the British Parliament he noted, ” Whether I am a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Parsi, a Christian, or of any other creed, I am above all an Indian. Our country is India; our nationality is Indian”

About the food at Rustom’s

Parsi food predominantly consists of meat and eggs. So a few additions towards vegetarian food items on the menu is a delight. Menu is divided into All Day Breakfast, Plates or starters, Main course, Thalis, cake & biscuits and Beverages. As far as the cuisine goes, the menu is complete. My personal favorites reminiscent of times spend in Bombay, Raspberry Soda, Bombay Kulfi, Caramel Custard, Mawa Cake, Berry Pulao. Other items on the menu which has to be tried are Kheema Pattice, Paatra Macchi, Kolmi No Patio, Salli Boti and a range of Homemade Parsi Masalas and Pickles on sale.

Preparing food and serving takes time. Some items on the menu might take up to 30 minutes. So do excuse the staff if they kinda forget to mention the same. Parsi Food joints in Mumbai or Pune might be fast on service. But at Rustom’s it is more about the laid back atmosphere, conversations and food. Rightly sized portions, cooked to perfection, aroma of the masalas and small things like the menu card!

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