Scooter on the wall, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Scooter on the wall is a restaurant in Satyaniketan which looks and aims to be different in more than one ways. It has stylish looks, a different presentation of menu and nice preparation and presentation of food. But what makes it marked different that it is a complete family restaurant. One of the rare eating places in Satyaniketan, which does not resort to Sheesha or Hookah to attract the young college crowd.

Location of Scooter on the wall

Scooter on the wall is correctly marked on Google Maps. It is prominently located on the main road and has parking in front of the building. It only occupies the ground floor. It can be easily located by its unique signature of a scooter literally on the wall.

About the cafe Scooter on the wall

To call it a restaurant would be a slight exaggeration. It is a small place with just five tables packed together. You may have a feeling of closed spaces here. You might bump into tables while moving through the length of the place. Also seating is not much comfortable because the seats do not have back rest. But there is lots of variety in the seats so you can chose the ones that suit you.

Scooter on the wall is tastefully decorated and even the menu is designed differently. Effort has been made to make it eye catching for the young crowd. Loud music adds to the mood.

About the menu and food at Scooter on the wall

The menu card takes time to sink in. Not only its different in design, but the naming has also been handled in a different manner. Basically to break it down, there is pizza, burgers, pasta and other starters. We ordered a drink and non veg platter. The platter is a good item to order if you are more than two where you can sample all the starters in one plate.

Scooter on the wall
A funky and different menu card

We ordered a drink and non veg platter. The platter is a good item to order if you are more than two where you can sample all the starters in one plate.We also ordered a spicy chilly chicken as a variation. Food is good, though we felt a need for them to work on the drinks front. Presentation of food is also good and some effort is taken by the folks to give us nice looking food. Portions are generous and can easily take care of two to three people. Service is fast since most of the items on the menu don’t require much time for preparation.

Scooter on the wall
A nice wall decor

We were a little unhappy with the service. Since the place is small and barely has five tables, one waiter should suffice to provide a personalized service. Well we are ready to ignore it as a minor aberration.

You will usually get a wait here as the number of tables are less. But on week days, the place clears quickly. This place is perfectly OK to enjoy a meal with your children as it is non smoking place. Though there is parking available right outside the restaurant, don’t rely too much as the space is at a premium here.

Delicious Spicy Chilly Chicken
Delicious Spicy Chilly Chicken

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