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The Society Cafe, South Extension 2, New Delhi

The Society Cafe is a neat and chic place right in the middle of a busy road and one of the major shopping and residential places in Delhi. The cafe is nice and bright. A good place to relax and have a cup of coffee. Plus there are a few surprises.

Location of The Society Cafe

The Society Cafe is easily visible from the main road. It is located on the road linking Moolchand Hospital with AIIMS. This place is well marked on Google Maps.

More about the location of The Society Cafe

This locality is a shopping destination and a driving nightmare. But parking is available at both sides of the road and there are two foot over bridges. Use of the bridge to cross is strongly recommended. A few brave hearts do attempt to cross the road, but I wont.

Parking is free and might not be available during peak shopping hours. The Society Cafe is located on the first floor. Then there is also a basement. This place itself has ample parking around. But reaching it in your car will be possible only for the locals.

The building housing The Society Cafe has multiple entrances. But no matter, which one you reach, there is some nice floor markings to guide you to the top. Nice touch by the owner. You do have to move around a bit till you reach the entrance which is stunning piece of work.

entrance to the society cafe

About the cafe and its food

The moment you step foot inside, you are transported to another world. Everything about this place looks and feels perfect immediately. Reaching any other restaurant, you are just out to reach the menu and place your order. Here you love to soak in the sights around you. Nice colors and decor. The place is not too big. But the seating arrangement is so good, that each table gets its own quiet corner. Attention to detail is evident everywhere.

A huge glass window dominates one of the walls. This is the window to the world outside, minus the noise. A table by the windows is cool and relaxing. Normally views like these are meant for nature or greenery. But sometimes urban view can be equally good.

Getting on to the menu, this place is a cafe with a kitchen counter. Last page of the three page menu has a range of tea and coffee items. There are also brownies and cookies. Interesting items on the menu is Parsi Kulfi. If it is available, have it. Straight from Mumbai! There are also a few cold pressed juices.

Then there is soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizza, shakes and sushi. You have lots of options within the menu and all of it is vegetarian. There is choice of light bites and tummy full meal. I ordered a wai wai bhel and vegetable clear soup. That is one generic and one special sounding item on the menu. Service is above par. The waiter who takes down the order can explain the menu in detail. Food takes not take much time to arrive. And it is tasty. I especially like the Wai Wai bhel and the way it was prepared.

In the end

One can actually agree with all the ratings on Zomato and Google Maps. This place is good, service and food is excellent. Price is reasonable. What we specially liked is the overall care and attention to detail.


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