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SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market, New Delhi

SodaBottleOpenerWala Khan Market is a Parsi themed restaurant serving authentic food all the way from Mumbai. Parsi food is deeply seeped in the history of Bombay. Their food is epic and this restaurant is successfully able to recreate the magic in Delhi. Not an easy feat by any imagination.

Location of SodaBottleOpenerWala Khan Market

SodaBottleOpenerWala Restaurant is located within the main Khan Market complex on the first floor. Entrance is from the inside lane after climbing a flight of stairs.

Theme of SodaBottleOpenerWala Khan Market

Right from the moment you start climbing the stairs, this restaurant takes you to another world. Painstakingly decorated by the management, you are now in Mumbai of a bygone era. The look of this place is styled around an Irani Cafe complete with even the furniture and the table cloth. The period paintings proudly adore the walls. So do some really nice pictures of prominent landmarks of Mumbai. Vintage artifacts and items are also on display. These itemsĀ  were at one time part and parcel of everyday life of Mumbai. The restaurant is divided in two sections. One room is consisting of only the bar. If the dining area is full, you can plonk yourself at the bar for a drink or two. The dining area is somewhat diminutive in size. Just about nine tables. Two tables for a large size group. Others mostly for four. This place will have a waiting during rush hours. We landed there very late afternoon on a week day and almost all tables were full. And not to mention, the toy train which runs all around. This restaurant has one of the best theme based looks and food in Delhi.

About the food and the menu

The menu and the food is authentic Parsi and Irani. What makes this menu special is that it is a mix of three cuisines. There are some legendary items on the menu like Bun Maska and Kheema Pav. Pav served here is the common laddi pav available in Mumbai. Then there is nankhatia and shrewsbury biscuit which is essential Pune origin now. You will also find mawa cake and Saali Boti. And finally the Irani Chai and Raspberry Soda. Infact the menu is quite exhaustive unlike the Irani Cafes in Mumbai where the menu finishes on a single black board or a single page paper menu.

Preparation and presentation is top class. You will find variations in the portions and preparation as compared to the original, but the adaptations are wonderful. Some food is served in a tiffin. Other ways like using an aluminum plate gives a nice touch of authenticity. The menu items are slightly premium priced. More about that later. I wont exactly say value for money. But considering the location, the clientele and the dining experience provided, it is OK. What really matters for such places is the taste. And in that department, SodaBottleOpenerWala Khan Market deserves top marks.

And finally about the service

If there is anything or any issue with this place, it should be the service. Very very difficult to pin point what is wrong here. Going by the traditional Irani Cafes in Mumbai, the definition of life is at a slow pace. These places sometimes symbolism a quiet time with tea and bun maska. So there is a possibility that service at this place is designed so as to catch up with your dining companion(s). Aside from that I cannot find any reason for the lackluster service with premium pricing. Wrong spoon for dessert. Missing the order. Making you as the customer hunt for the waiter. But balance it out with food, then guys like me can overlook anything. I would have probably rated this place full five out of five. But they lose out one full point due to service and the toy train which is not working.

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