sugarama Patisserie

Sugarama Patisserie, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Continuing the coverage of restaurants in Shahpur Jat, in this review we shall see about a tiny bakery shop, Sugarama Patisserie. This restaurant has a single page food menu. Basic and simple settings. But under the hood is a power house of a bakery. And in this area this is the top rated bakery on Zomato and will stay there for along time.

Location of Sugarama Patisserie

About the specials

As you walk in Sugarama Patisserie first recommended option is look for the specials. Specially packed gift boxes. You can get cookies, macarons, brownies and loaf cakes. Gift boxes are available in card boxes, tin boxes and jars. The card boxes and tins are specially made and most ideal for gifting. Even the jars are nice. Boxes are available in many sizes and shapes. You can buy empty boxes too. But packing with any items is recommended. The packing is standard which is displayed on the shelves. But you can pick items which can be packed as per request. I fell for the tin boxes immediately.

Next comes the pastry and desserts. There is not much difference between the two. Most items are fresh. You can always ask for recommendations. I packed a chocolate tower and Pina Colada. The Japanese styled Cottage Cheese cake was looking tempting too. The packing for the pastry was also good. They even put a adhesive tape at the base so that the pastry does not move during transit. Packing is done with extreme care and takes time.

And lastly I picked up a cinnamon cake. I was looking for the walnut cake options. But these cakes can get over by evening. So you need to be lucky on what is available.

About the bakery

They have a limited seating area which is basically to grab a quick bite. The quick bite will be only sweet or dessert items. Unlike other bakeries, they do not prepare snacks like puffs and patties. Cakes for various occasions is their forte and they mostly prefer that. Price wise, this place is slightly expensive than the average bakery. But the taste and size is enough for the price. Infact with the packing in mind, they are giving it at very reasonable rates. Since this place is located within the bylanes of Shahpur Jat, the parking is outside on the main road. Ant then there is a short walk to the bakery.

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