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The Beer Cafe, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Beer is fun, and the best place to enjoy some serious variety of beer is at The Beer Cafe located in Unity One Mall, Janakpuri. They have eight brands of draught beer on the menu. The popularity of this chain of cafes can be gauged by the fact that they already have 18 locations and counting in Delhi.

Location of The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe at Janakpuri is located on the second floor of Unity One Mall. Unless they decide to open another outlet in Janakpuri, this is the place where all roads lead to. Unity One Mall is located on the main road, Najafgarh Road. The nearest metro station is Janakpuri West.

About the restaurant

Unity One Mall has come up as one of the best shopping and eating destination in Janakpuri. It is located on main road. Easily accessible by the metro. More than adequate parking. And lots of variety. The Beer Cafe is located on the second floor. The interiors are nice and airy. Lots of glass all around. One side of the restaurant faces the main road and gives a good view. There is a mix of sofa seating and regular chairs. There are more options for group seating on comfortable sofas. Overall the space management is done well. This place sees lots of crowd during the week ends. Service does get a hit during such rush hour. And waiting time also increases. But during week days or afternoons, you have the whole place to yourself.

About the food and beer

This restaurant mostly has customers coming to have beer. So naturally food takes a back seat. Food is mostly snacks type. They also have maggi, pizza and pasta. There are good vegetarian and non vegetarian items on the menu. Platters options are available for groups. Food is good but consistency across menu is an issue.

Hoegaarden draught beer

No problems about the beer though. There is a good collection of draught beer. Fosters and Kingfisher form a part of the local brands. Imported draught beer has brands like Hoegaarden is what this place is famous for. A three litre tower of Hoegaarden costs about Rs 3000 incl taxes. This is a good deal by any standards anywhere in Delhi. This beer is served with a slice of sweet lemon in a beer mug. Hoegaarden originated in a little village in Belgium from which is name has been derived. The local monks had a unique recipe for brewing beer which is sweet in taste and hints of corriander and orange. But somehow this century old tradition was lost in time till it was revived with the help of local breweries of Belgium. Hoegaarden draught beer is the best of draught beer that you can enjoy in Delhi.

There are also some other brands of beer, both bottles as well as draught. Plus a full bar ensures all drinks as well as cocktails. There is also some beer memorabilia on sale like cushions, mugs and bells. There is a separate smoking area and thankfully they do not serve hukkah or sheesha. Music is on but not blaring and you can easily have a nice conversation with friends.

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