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The Beer Cafe, SDA, New Delhi

We had earlier checked out one outlet of The Beer Cafe at Janakpuri. The Beer Cafe provides awesome beer experience at various places in Delhi. So the one at SDA should be no different. The Beer Cafe provides a range of beer options. Screening of sports events. Good music in the background and a nice place to enjoy with friends. And with the Oktoberfest season on, it was party in the air.

oktober fest

Location of The Beer Cafe, SDA

SDA has got a nice collection of restaurant and bars in a compact location. It is located right on the outer ring road. And within the small premises, there is no problem to locate The Beer Cafe.

About the cafe and its location

The cafe is spread across two floors. It has adequate seating. There is a slight waiting even on week days. So one can imagine the rush during week ends! Seating is for mostly couples and fours. Seating is somehow limited. If you are going there as a single, you can seat yourself straightway at the bar. SDA has paid parking. Parking is sufficient but prices are steep. Good music in the background. A little loud for comfort, but still ok. A huge TV screen primarily sports events. But who is interested in TV. This place is primarily about beer and conversations. There is some tough competition because of the numerous restaurants in this place. So every restaurant is on their toes with the best of the service and good ways to attract customers. One more thing we liked about this market in general is the overall cleanliness. But this place is going to lose a full star for two primary reasons which I will elaborate in the last paragraph.

We selected a cosy corner seating place on the ground floor next to the bar. Though it is close to the entrance to the kitchen, this is the best seating for a group of four. We were eyeing this place in the reviews and lucky to have got the particular table. It has a nice book shelf next to it.

About the beer

The beer in The Beer Cafe, SDA is good. There are basically two options. Bottled or Draught. The range of bottled beers is very very large. Though all of them might not be available at all times. But still there are lots of options. In the Draught category, there is a choice between primarily the local brand Fosters and a couple of foreign brands. Between Fosters and Hoegaarden the price is almost double. But both options being draught, you will enjoy them equally. I would still recommend the local brand like Foster. In case of draught beer, the fresher it is, the better it tastes. The draught beer brand which is consumed the most will taste the best. Which is why we loved that taste of Kingfisher in Beeryani. Beer is served in chilled glasses.

hoegaarden draught beer

But the best part of Beer Cafe is Hoegaarden draught beer. We straightway ordered for the tower of beer. Tank happens to be bigger than the tower, but it is good enough for a group of three. We ended up finishing another tower soon. Here is a quote about the best beer in the world.

This beer is served with a slice of sweet lemon in a beer mug. Hoegaarden originated in a little village in Belgium from which is name has been derived. The local monks had a unique recipe for brewing beer which is sweet in taste and hints of coriander and orange. But somehow this century old tradition was lost in time till it was revived with the help of local breweries of Belgium. Hoegaarden draught beer is the best of draught beer that you can enjoy in Delhi.

Source thetimelock chronicles, here is the source of the article.

The Beer Cafe, Janakpuri, New Delhi

The service is fast and the food is surprising excellent. We ordered the non veg platter for snacks. It is an assortment of snacks. Taste was excellent. We enjoyed the food too. The calculations for quantity of beer in tower is a bit confusing. But maybe we had too much beer. So we will check that next time.

Why this place loses a full star out of five

Two glaring issues. The catchy graphics end up in the mens room too. One of them says something to the effect that the quantity of beer makes you visit the mens room often. Quite a true saying. But when the odors of the mens room float across in the restaurant seating, it is bad. The mens room though located on the first floor, we twice had to ask the waiters to do something about it. Prompt action was taken. But still it is a complete miss from the part of the waiters of there who cannot catch the problem. A humble request to the management as by simply increasing the capacity of the exhaust should easily solve the problem.

There is no separate smoking section. So customers take a smoke outside. But the restaurant has not placed any bins or similar stuff outside to dispose off the cigarette butts. This leads to littering just outside the restaurant. There is a huge culture of Delhi which does not believe in Swachh Bharat. But there is another group which is tirelessly working for a clean Delhi. Again hope the management takes care of this problem too.

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