The moon is our witness

Thetimelock began a passionate connection with the moon ages back. The purpose of buying a telephoto lens was to capture the moon in its full glory. That was approx three years back, 13 April 2015. Clicking the moon is easy. It is a technical photo shoot. Understanding what is the effect of full moon on tides and minds of lovers is what this article is all about. A word of advise. Your mind is the most moist part of the body, because it houses the brain. If the effects of full moon are to be witnessed or experienced, just relax and let your mind go with your lover. Moon is our witness.

Poetry and the full moon

Poets since time immemorial have described the moon in conjunction with lovers. But today we shall pick up a particular song from a Marathi movie which has fascinated me since childhood. It is from the movie Ha Khel Savlyancha (Play of the shadows).

Here is a screen shot of the lyrics from a website. Even though one has the lyrics at hand, songs like these have multiple meaning and each word or phase can be interpreted by different people in different manner in different situations. Let us dwell into the mind of the poet and see how close we are able to understand.

The song is sung by a male, addressing to her.

At night a secret game begin, played by the stars,Endless game of the shadows…

The moon is not self illuminating, but allows the light of the sun to flow through it,
Eclipse cast its shadow on the moon as if it is cursed,
The moon is witness to countless romance, and is a messenger to the stars…

(Stars in this context mean all the women in love who want to meet their lovers in the white of the moon light. Curse of the moon is making a reference to the Moon God Chandra who is cursed by the father of his wives for favoring one. In order to lift the curse, the moon God prays to Lord Shiva who appears before Shivling after six months. This is the first Jyotirling located at Somnath Mahadev Temple. Finally when Lord Shiva appears, he does not lift the curse fully, but restores the moon and its phases)

Shadow is illusion, reality is light,
What we feel is the truth, is actually an illusion,
Those blind to the concept of light, mock shadows and laugh at darkness…

In this cosy and romantic moment, why you have tears in your eyes,
All your doubts will be cleared as we hug each other,
We will get the warmth of the sun in our life…
(Actually there is nothing called darkness, everything is light. Darkness is just an illusion, a mirage. Only people blind to the concept of light experience darkness in their relation. Right now though things are hazy and foggy, once we embrace, our warmth will spread so much light, that all mist will be cleared).




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