The Tipsy Project

The Tipsy Project, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Traveling up and down the interestingly named Pankha Road in Janakpuri, The Tipsy Project is not easily seen from the main road. It is also located in a strange and unusual neighborhood. Reading the reviews of Zomato, this place was on the wish list for a long long time. And The Tipsy Project turned out to be the place which has no equals in Delhi. It is one of the hidden gems in Janakpuri.

The Tipsy Project

Location of The Tipsy Project

The Tipsy Place is located on the very busy Pankha Road. It occupies the ground floor and the first floor in one of the buildings of the community centre of C Block. We have mostly commercial offices in the vicinity. This place gets quite deserted in the late evenings. Plus this place is located bang on the main road.


About the restaurant

As you enter the restaurant, you are either greeted by silence or loud music depending on whether the DJ is there or not. The restaurant is spread across two floors. The well designed layout makes it look much bigger than it actually is. The ground floor is converted in a dance floor with some minor adjustments. Rest of the time it becomes part of the seating. Seats are mostly either low or high seating, but comfortable. The lighting is mild and smooth music playing in the background. Bar, restaurant, etc etc. This place has got it all.

About the food

Janakpuri is a huge locality. It has three distinct food hubs. One is at the District Centre, the other is at Jail Road and the remainder is scattered in pockets. There are really few places which serve draught beer and The Tipsy Project is one of them. One can get both the domestic and foreign brands of draught beer. There is also a range of drinks available. The other surprise menu item is the maggie variations. It is a boon to people who do not wish to have a heavy meal after a nice rounds of drinks. The next is the general menu and as the reviews go, food is good. We ordered a round of beer and peri peri maggie and it was cooked well.

The service is fast and this place does not overwhelm you with a battery of waiters gazing down upon you while you eat. Things are quite well managed here. Food is premium quality with out the premium prices.

A nice place to get tipsy!

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