the tummy section jail road

The Tummy Section, Jail Road, New Delhi

Jail Road, Janakpuri is a market which has few commercial places but lots of restaurants. Time and again we keep visiting this place to discover hidden gems. This time it was a recommendation of a fellow Zomato and Instagram user. And as surprises go, The Tummy Section Jail Road was fingerlicious.

A few words about The Tummy Section Jail Road

  • Specialty and experience in Chicken Shawarma
  • Outdoor seating only
  • Menu options limited but food is good
  • Prices are resonable
  • Portions are generous

Location of The Tummy Section Jail Road

Though this place is marked on Google maps and it is located right on the main road, it is easily miss-able. Follow map closely and keep eyes open.

the tummy section jail road

About The Tummy Section Jail Road

The Tummy Section is actually a franchise. But at the time of writing there are just two outlets in Delhi. They have a website, but it is still showing beta. This means more features will be added over time. They have a good presence on the social networks too. There is Facebook Page with good amount of activity. They also have an Instagram account.

The Tummy Section Jail Road only has outdoor seating. There is limited parking option in front of the restaurant. Nice part is that they have a parking attendant to help you to park your car properly. They also have a huge board asking customers not to consume alcohol in the car. That is a nice touch. Traffic on this road is chaotic. But it is also walking distance from the metro station. For outdoor seating, there are two options. Table and chair, and just high tables where you can stand and have a bite. Now if you are fond of street food (we are), then there should be no problem eating is such setting. Otherwise, you are better off with packing it or if within range, home delivery.

the tummy section jail road

This place opens in the afternoon. It reaches peak load in the evening. Winter is super busy time. There are seven guys frantically working in the smallish kitchen. That is the most I have ever seen in any place. During rush hours, you might even have to wait your turn to place the order! That is on the lighter side. Despite the rush, things go on smoothly and are well managed.

About the menu

Here are where things get interesting. In the single page menu, one can see the dominance of Shawarma. Very cleverly, this wonderful dish has been incorporated in the menu. So now we have chicken shawarma, Shawarma Sandwich, Shawarma Pizza, Chicken Shawarma Noodles and so on. But menu does not stop here. There is enough variation in the single page menu. There is pizza, sandwich, burgers, a whole chinese food menu incl momos. Few items are marked in house specialty like Creamy Chicken Lollypop, Chicken Egg Boat and Ramly Burger. These items are highly recommended, since you may not find them elsewhere in Delhi. Other items like Tummy Fusion Rice and catchy enough to grab attention. In short, there is enough in this menu to keep you interested.

But what about the food

Well I have already penned down about 500 words and not even started with the food. It is time to finish the review, and I kept the best for last. First about the Shawarma. This dish no doubt is good. Keeping in view the fact that shawarma has now become the commonly available street food in Delhi. It is easy to prepare shawarma, but The Tummy Section Jail Road will take your Shawarma experience to a different level. All this at an unbelievable price of Rs 60. A couple of pieces of the roll is a nice quick bite. Though at the end I am sure, you will be asking for more. So decide accordingly. The other items on the menu are also ‘just not there’ types. We also tried Creamy Chicken Lollypop, the standard lollipop but with the extra layer of cream. Most of the food items are within the Rs 150 mark, with the most expensive being, fully loaded pizza at Rs 200! The Tummy Section Jail Road is the best bang for your bucks.

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