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Top Five Restaurants in Delhi for a family meal

A senior once asked, just list out the top five restaurants recommended for a good family time. He also mentioned that there is no time for reading reviews. So here is the list of the top five restaurants where you will have a good time having a family meal. Note, here the ambiance and food count together.

Date of review : Mid 2016

Number 5 : Bikkgane Biryani by Biryani Paradise, Sector 6, Dwarka

At Number 5 we have a simple restaurant in Dwarka which serves specialty menu of Hyderabad. What you get here is a good view of the road through the huge glass panes. Comfortable family seating. This place is not too much crowded as most of the food is home delivered. Good service and really really good spicy food. Sometimes the guys get a bit carried away with the spices which might not agree with the palette of an average Delhite. But watch out for their combos and attractive prices. A complete family restaurant.

Number 4 : KFC, C Block, Janakpuri

Now most of us believe that outlet chains like KFC have strict consistency across branches. But we received the shock of our lives visiting a few chains in Delhi. There are two KFC outlets in Janakpuri. One at the District Center and other at C Block. Nice crispy chicken enjoyed by lots of families which come to visit this place. Bright and airy interiors, cleaned to a sparkle. Eye catching graphics on wall. Comfortable seating for families and fast service makes this a winner.

Number 3 : Imly, Rajendra Place

Imly is a vegetarian restaurant. And thetimelock rarely reviews a pure vegetarian restaurant. So how does this one feature in the top five picks of Delhi. Every since the launch early this year, Imly has been making waves as the top destination for food lovers. Within months of launch they have planned opening branches in other locations in Delhi and other cities too. Almost all their restaurants have met with similar success. Large crowds in the evenings and waiting show just how popular Imly has become. All the street food of the country at one place is superb ambiance at affordable prices. This is one place, you wont tire of visiting again and again. It is also the place where you can host any guest safely. Complete food bliss guaranteed.

Imly Restaurant, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

Number 2 : The Potbelly, Bihar Niwas, Chanakyapuri

After tasting success with Bihari cuisine at The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe at Shahpur Jat, the owners got an offer to replicate the same at Bihar Niwas. Little did they realize that within the year, the restaurant at Bihar Niwas is going to get more popular that their main. As on date(mid 2016), the Potbelly at Bihar Niwas is rated 4.3 out of 5 on Zomato. And the rooftop cafe at Shahpur Jat is struggling at 4 out of 5. Sorry Puja, but this is what it is.

The menu at both locations is the same. Also the owner must have fine tuned the kitchen to ensure a high level of consistency. So why the better ratings for the restaurant at Bihar Niwas. Once you enter the restaurant at Chanakyapuri, you are transported to a different world. Cool furniture, soothing light and colors and suddenly you are at peace. This place envelops you and your family in a world of your own. All you want to do is just sit and talk. Service here takes times and you love the delay. As you finish your meal, you have a feeling that this was one of the best family meal time together. Try to visit this place early evening on a week day.

The Potbelly, Bihar Niwas, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Number 1 : Cafe Connect,Vasant Kunj

Cafe Connect Who? Vasant Kunj Where!

I am sure most of Delhi has missed out this place. Where people in Delhi love loud music, booze and the dance floor there is a good chance that places like Cafe Connect will remain in the shadows.

Awesome choice of food, beautiful interiors, wonderful service and out of the world food experience. Menu is very exhaustive and you are spoilt for choices. Most items on the menu are snacks type. They are priced accordingly. Meal options are a bit expensive, but portions are huge. But you can fill your self with lots of snacks. Glass partitions and select lights give you that slight privacy and yet dont dim light the overall experience. Service is better that most overpriced restaurants in Delhi. This is the best family meal experience you will get in Delhi.

Cafe Connect, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi



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