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Top Places to eat Mutton in New Delhi

Mutton or Goat meat will always remain a delicacy in New Delhi. The popular choices though remain chicken and fish. The quality of red meat available Delhi is by far the best in the country. It is rumoured that meat is supplied from here to all parts of the country including metros like Mumbai.

So logically it should mean that the restaurants should serve the best of red meat too. Well, it is not so. Most of the restaurants avoid meat or mutton dishes altogether. Some of them have it in the menu but dont prepared it every day. A few of them even skip preparing it on Sundays.

Most of the restaurants hit plain disaster while cooking and serving meat dishes. Promises of meat falling off the bone remain pure fantasy. Either it is not tender or the cut is below par. Sometimes it is not cooked properly. This is the time where the pros come in. Day after day of meat preparation with consistency and taste. And the meat which you have is simply delicious. Here is the guide to meat eating in the capital city of New Delhi

Top places to have Mutton Kheema and Saag Meat

Mutton Kheema is a unique preparation of minced meat and a piece of ribs. The gravy is thick and the meat is tender. Taste is awesome. Two places come to mind who excel in preparation of this dish

Shahi Pakwan at Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi

Tender mutton cooked to perfection and served with care. A nice ambiance and all this at attractive prices which will not burn a hole in your pocket. Portions are generous.


Havmore at Pandara Road Market, New Delhi

Havmore Restaurant is otherwise famous for its butter chicken. Meat dishes are also very good. Though the mutton is cooked to perfection and portions are huge, the prices are slightly on the higher side and there is a problem of parking and waiting during week ends and rush hours. The ambiance and service is nothing to beat.

Top places to have Mutton Tikka or Mutton Burra

Mutton Tikka are soft boneless pieces of Mutton well marinated and Burra is meat ribs. Both are smoked and grilled. Again not many restaurants risk an attempt to prepare this. Here are the top honors

The best mutton tikka is prepared at Alkakori Alkauser at RK Puram, New Delhi. Tender mutton pieces marinated so soft that it melts in the mouth. Correct balance of spices. Same goes for galuti kabab and kakori kebab.

mutton shahi tukda

Mutton Burra is generally available everywhere, but notably best ones are at Al Jawahar and Karim’s, both at Jama Masjid, New Delhi. Other place where Mutton Burra is good is at Changezi Chicken at Tagore Garden.

Mutton Nihari early morning or all day long

Traditionally Mutton Nihari is available only in the morning in the restaurants at Jama Masjid. It is cooked overnight over a slow flame. This allows the juices of bones and the marrow to seep in the curry. The perfect breakfast for the laborers to get them ready for a long hard day ahead.

Nihari is served in restaurants in Jama Masjid but it gets over by 10 am in the morning. Do not miss the Mutton Nihari of Al Jawahar and Karim’s. There is another advantage of reaching these places early in the morning. Since the shops are closed, the roads are empty and you can take your four wheeler right upto Jama Masjid. This stunt is otherwise unthinkable in the day time. The best way to reach is either parking at Kabootar Market or parking near Meena Bazzar. If arriving by Delhi Metro, nearest station is Chandni Bazar.

Cannot reach Jama Masjid early in the morning, no problem. Some outlets of Karim’s chain of restaurants serve Nihari in the day time. But the best option to enjoy Mutton Nihari, all day long is Changezi Chicken at Tagore Nagar.

Changezi Chicken, Tagore Garden, New Delhi

Best tender mutton falling off the bone. Mutton stew, Mutton Quorma, Mutton Nihari and Mutton Kheema. It is all there and the best experience at amazing prices.

mutton nihari
Mutton Nihari available at Changezi Chicken restaurant all day long

Best places for Mutton Mughlai

Again, if possible, do visit Al Jawahar and Karim’s at Jama Masjid for the ultimate mutton experience. Other Mughali options are Alkakori Alkauser at RK Puram and Changezi Chicken at Tagore Garden. You will also get the best experience of Mutton Biryani at these places.

Al Jawahar

Paya Soup or Totters Soup

The best option for the chilly winters of Delhi, this food option is slowly fading from our kitchen. It primarily consists of bone, marrow and a little bit of flesh on the bone. The soup is rich and healthy. There are just a few locations where this delicacy is available.

Al Jawahar and Karim’s at Jama Masjid, but only in the morning and a few hand carts in traditional localities of Delhi. One such place is the main road outside Sarvodaya Bal Vidhalaya at Subhash Nagar. There are atleast two hand carts at the last count which set up shop in the evening. You need to reach here early as sometimes the food gets finished before nine o clock.

Update as on Oct 2016

Two restaurant have been ommitted in this article which deserve a mention for their sheer popularity.



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