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Walk-in Street, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Walk-in Street is a newly opened restaurant in Karol Bagh. It is located right in the middle of the market. Within a few months of its launch, this restaurant has reached right at the top of the popularity charts. So what is so special about this place. Interested, just read on.

Location of Walk-in Street

About the restaurant location

Karol Bagh is a mammoth shopping destination. It is also a Hotels hub. Lots and lots of tourists. So naturally speaking, the best eating destinations should be here. After all Delhi is the food capital. But we all know this is not the case. Though each hotel will be having its own restaurant. But the real fun is having specialty restaurants. This part is hugely lacking in Karol Bagh. Whatever space is left is grabbed by the restaurant chains which are always over crowded. This means that there is no decent place to have food after a long shopping trip. In such a situation, Walk-in Street is a big relief. A three storey restaurant which has only one thing in mind. Relax with good food and music.

Locating this restaurant may or may not be easy depending on how familiar you are with this location. Best landmark is Vishal Megamart which is right opposite. Otherwise follow Google Maps carefully. Best option to reach this place is by metro and then the eRickshaw. Or if coming in by a car park the vehicle in front of Shudh Vegetarian Food Court. This place is very close to the metro station. And there is a high possibility of finding a vacant spot. Be careful of the parking attendants.

While parking ensure the vehicle is in a correct spot. The attendants will ask for keys, but if it parked correctly, there is no need to give the keys. Next the parking charges are nominal and fixed by the govt, but they will not calculate it properly or ask for some premium add ons. That is also illegal.

About the restaurant and the food

The ground floor has some seating but is mostly dominated by the huge bar. The bar is not fully activated yet. Please check from the restaurant. The first floor has some more seating. But the best is the top floor or the roof top. There are just four tables on the roof top. But the view is awesome. The place is done up well too. There were three customers in the restaurant at that time and all of them were sitting on the roof top. This is also the smoking area where sheesha is served. The restaurant has a standard menu. But the food is good. The menu again is not yet complete. But will soon be. Price wise, it will be suffice to say that this place charges for the quality and taste of food and service. So from that point of view pricing is good. Also they have the right pricing for the exact amount of customers they can handle in this overcrowded shopping destination. Food takes time to arrive but service is good. There might be some issues with the service part since this is a new opening. But those things will be taken of in due time. Also there is nice music playing all around.

On a finishing note

There are few of the bakery shops in old localities of Delhi which proudly display the sign of No Photography in bold. They claim that the competitors steal their menu. Though I have still not got what is stopping the competition from buying the cakes and pastries and then stealing the recipe. So especially being in Delhi, I make it a point to ask for permission to click photos. At Walk-in Street I got the other end of the reaction. The person at the cash counter was more than happy for me clicking photos using DSLR. Thanks for that and for that this place gets a full extra star.

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