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Whipped, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

Whipped is one of those places where you wish that good things in life should not be sinful. For a small time that you are here deciding on your choice among the huge variety. You forget about all those health advisories and dive into some dessert goodies. At Whipped you get cakes which look and taste good.

whipped gk 2

Location of Whipped GK 2

Whipped at GK 2 is prominently located on the main road. It cannot be missed easily.

About the bakery

Whipped GK 2 is a traditional cake and pastry shop. Most of the customers must be ordering the cakes as a home delivery. We have the cakes in three primary options, full, small and slice. Scores of customers also come to choose and pick up cakes or slices. There is a small seating area which might get busy and occupied on week ends or rush hour. The menu is split in three parts. Cakes and cheese cakes, Ice Cream sundaes, drinks, Ice creams and shakes and their star attraction, the Mini Cupcakes.

cup cakes at whipped GK 2

So from the menu point of view it is clear that this place is all about desserts. There is just one item on the menu, the quiche which qualifies as snack. Otherwise it is sweet all the way. The traditional pastries are well made and a treat to the eyes. Same is with the cheese cakes collection. These items are very sweet. But the sweetness does not mar the taste in any way or dulls the cake eating experience. We packed a truffle chocolate pastry and New York Cheese cake. Mini Cupcakes are both cute looking and delicious too. There is a special packing for cupcakes. A set of four get their own red colored box which is nice to present to someone. All ingredients are premium and items are baked fresh.

packing for mini cupcakes

A few other points

There is a steady stream of customers especially in the evenings. There is a slight issue of parking on the main road. This is a purely residential area and the residents are specially possessive about the space in front of their houses. The staff is attentive and helpful. Orders are processed nice and fast. The place is kept neat and clean and managed efficiently. Pricing may look premium. But remember this locality and the services offered do justify the pricing.

cheese cake

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