Yogmaya Temple Mehrauli

Yogmaya Temple, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Want to have a piece of history of Delhi, do visit Yogmaya Temple at Mehrauli. Located very close to the tourist spot of Qutub Minar, this place is rather secluded with less than 1% of footfalls seen at the minaret.

Location of Yogmaya Mandir Mehrauli

Finding this place is not so easy. It is well marked on Google maps. But not so popular, even with Delhites. At the time of writing of this article, early 2017, Qutub Minar had 3700 reviews on Google Maps, but Yogmaya Temple has just 23 reviews. One of the reviewer has even marked it at one star. No idea what was he expecting.

History of Yogmaya temple Mehrauli

Authentic documented history of this place is not available. So the only source of information is the locals, guides, historians and priests. This temple in its original form, dates back to the Mahabharat period. Since then this temple has seen its ups and downs. Thanks to the tenacity and persistence of the locals and devotees, we see the structure as it is today.

Yogmaya Temple is also known as Jogmaya temple. There is no restriction of entering the inner sanctum. Photography is also permitted, but site policies makes us post just the perimeter photos.

Other points

Yogmaya Temple Mehrauli is located in one of the inner lanes of an old locality. Parking is mostly not available. Little parking is used by locals for their own cars. Hence parking is best done on the main road. Main festive season is Navratri where this place sees large number of devotees visiting and offering prayers. For more details of this place and additional information and pieces of history please google for a local guide. It is a memorable experience listening stories about this place and of Mehrauli in general.

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