Young Wild Free Cafe

Young Wild Free Cafe, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

When one thinks of Satyaniketan, the first thing that comes to the mind of a Delhite is good food at some amazing prices. Also the places are lively, with good music and young people around. Young Wild Free Cafe focuses on the lively part and scores some top notch marks. But what about the other parts….well read on.

Location of Young Wild Free Cafe

This place is located on the first floor. It is located on the street just opposite Venky College as it is locally known. You may have to move around a bit to locate it, as this place is stuffed with restaurants.

Parking is a plenty on the main road and it is free. You may have to be patience to find a spot during rush hours.

Young Wild Free Cafe

About Young Wild Free Cafe

As you enter the restaurant, you are taken to a different world. There are hardly any tables around. So it is expected that you will place yourself in a cosy mattress and start with good times. This place has fun written all over it. It is also a photographers delight. As with all places in Satyaniketan go, the main room is small and can get crowded and noisy very easily. There is loud and blaring music. A projector from the wall means that sports or similar events must be streamed live. There is also a book shelf with an assortment of books and magazines. And not to forget the hookah which attracts youngster to this place like a magnet. There is no separate non smoking section.

About the food

So it is down to food and the service. As most of the restaurants in the vicinity, the menu contains items which are quick preparation type. The kitchen is active in the evenings. Food comes out fast. Food and the service is strictly ok. Taste could have been much better jsut keeping in mind the effort which has gone to decorate the place. There are lots of waiters and servers milling around and doing nothing. These things better be avoided. There are certain things which they have to do as humans, but it is not supposed to be done in front of diners. For example scratching ears.

Having said this, Young Wild Free Cafe is a mixed experience. Definitely worth a visit, maybe at least once. But be there with an open mind.

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