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38 Barracks, Connaught Place, New Delhi

As evening descends on Delhi, all roads lead to Connaught Place or CP as it is popularly known. Delhites love their drink and enjoy it in style. And CP explodes with nightlife. The big names in restaurant business have their outlet here. But one restaurant is a cut above the rest. A clear winner and crowd puller, 38 Barracks.

Location of 38 Barracks

38 Barracks in located on the outer circle of CP in the M block. The name is derived from its address which is M-38. The restaurant is easily visible from the main road. It is also properly marked on Google Maps.

About the restaurant

38 Barracks is a complete entertainment package. It spreads across two floors. The lower floor has a make shift dance floor and the upper floor has the live music performance. A huge screen streams live sport events. There are all sorts of seating options and the overall real estate has been managed quite well. As mentioned earlier, this place sees lots of customers so reservation is recommended. Reach early if planning for a get together. Parking is a big issue in CP and we need to keep moving in circles till a spot is vacant. Valet Parking in such a situation is a big relief.

Different singers perform live here. This is a big encouragement to budding musicians and there is a variety for the diners. Loud music may make conversation difficult. Whatever the case, as the mood sets in, you begin to enjoy the drinks and music too. The service is above par than most of the restaurants in the vicinity and maybe Delhi. Staff is always on its toes and on the look out for customers requirements.

About the decor

Theme based restaurants are difficult to create and maintain. It requires to go the extra mile to come up with a theme which is attractive to the locals and remains evergreen. Delhi being the national capital has locals and visitors jostling and milling around. What best can be the theme other than army. The entire restaurant is designed around army theme. All around you will find lots of army artifacts painstakingly collected by the owner. The decor sets the mood right, a nice round of drinks after a hard days work. 38 Barracks is a photographers delight. If you are planning a photography session, take into account the low light issue.

About the food and drinks

This restaurant has a well stocked bar. Cocktails are good, but we went straight for the local brand of draught beer. And in no time, the three of us finished off two towers which is total six liters. The beer is of good quality  which mean it is more fresh than any other place.

Chef Gautam Chaudhry has designed the food menu.

menu at 38 barracks

The food is really really good. We ordered two snacks and one other grilled dish. All three tasted yum. The restaurant takes lots of effort in the food department and the chef is always around keeping a watch over the proceedings. Snacks like peanut masala and Honey Chilli Potatoes or burgers do not take much time to come out. Main dish might take time depending on the preparation. But it is worth the wait. Prices are reasonable for the quality which they are offering. Portions are generous and can easily suffice a couple. Check out the parties and kitty deals where you can have unlimited fun @ some good offers. The menu is a treat to read with good graphics and some catchy names of menu items with military words.

honey chilli potatoes

38 Barracks give you a nice restaurant experience. No wonder it has raced to the top rankings so fast and intends to stay there for a long time.

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