An Introduction to SLR Photography : Part 1

Photography is an evergreen hobby. It can be picked at any age and guarantees an element of thrill. 

The digital age has changed some age old concepts of Photography and offered some interesting opportunities, previously unheard of. But as someone says, if you want to click good photographs, buy a good point and shoot camera. But if you want to learn how to click good photographs, buy a basic SLR.

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, a term no longer relevant these days. SLR rather means you now have complete freedom or control over each possible setting. That’s why the stress on the term basic SLR. I mean, there is no real benefit on buying a SLR which has a touch screen LCD as against a non-touch screen version! Interchangeable lens is another hallmark of a true blue SLR.

Before the advent of the digital age, a Film Camera was sharply divided into a Single Lens Reflex and a Double Lens Reflex. Double Lens Reflex had a separate lens called Viewfinder to view the picture which was being clicked. 

On the other hand, a Double Lens Reflex will have a single lens for viewing as well as capturing the picture. A spring mechanism moves a mirror to allow light to fall on the film behind. Check the video below for the mechanism.
Video Courtesy YouTube

Today, there have been great advances in digital photography. Smart Chips and great AI allow compact point and shoot cameras to click good pictures without breaking into a sweat. 

Talking about settings, there are just two of them which matter. Shutter Speed and Aperture.

Part 2 Shutter Speed.

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