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Art of Spices, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Art of Spices is a tiny outlet on the other side of the shopping area of Karol Bagh. It has a whole range menu of a regular restaurant. But people mostly come here in droves to eat what can be described as the best rolls in town. One bite of their rolls transfers you straightway to the banks of the Hooghly river.

Location of Art of Spices

The restaurant  is located in the narrow street running parallel to the main road. The nearest landmark is of course Karol Bagh Metro Station. There are at least a couple of more places in the same lane with the same menu. There is another place in Karol Bagh closer to the market which calls itself New Art of Spices. But beware of the fakes. This one is the first outlet in the lane and usually is the crowded one.

As you can see from the map, it is the first outlet as you enter the lane. The lane itself is narrow and there is space for just one four wheeler to move. Dont even think of parking. For that you need to be a skilled driver from Delhi, else park elsewhere and walk down.

art of spices

About the restaurant and the food

This place does not have seating. Also it does not have tables outside where one can stand and eat. Since most of the menu ordered here is rolls, the eating part is just a simple one hand job. Mostly people come hear, have a quick bite and leave. Others park their cars and enjoy their rolls inside. There is a counter in the front where you place an order. As soon as the order is placed, the cooking swings in action. The rolls are made in front of you and the process is pretty fast. Your rolls are ready in no time. Prices are very very reasonable.

menu at art of spices

A double roll is thicker primarily because the extra layer of egg which is added on the roti. Now the food culture of Delhi is more biased towards fried items. But the outer layer of roll which is the roti is not supposed to be crispy. It might have crispiness in places or parts but not the whole. The central core is supposed to be bursting with spices. And it should not take time to prepare the whole thing. So Art of Spices puts the tick in all the correct boxes.

art of spices

There are certain issues to this otherwise perfect place to enjoy rolls. They have a home delivery menu which is again exhaustive but has received lots of negative reviews. There are also issues about consistency. And like the most street joints in Delhi, this one too conveniently ignores cleanliness. Vegetarians especially beware of the mixing of veg with non veg which the handles totally ignore. The entire food waste generated like tissues and roll paper wraps are dumped on the street, not even in dustbins. Straight on to the road. And as the authorities looks the other way, this becomes THE real challenge to the Swachh Bharat mission of the Govt.

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