bhandari paan chanakayapuri

Bhandari Paan, Chanakayapuri, New Delhi

A tasty paan can be easily found on the streets of Delhi. But the original one is which is elusive. Bhandari Paan reminds us what a true paan should taste like. Mostly one paan each is what we do during our visit to any shop. Sometimes a piece to eat at home. But here we could not stop at one. What makes this a place with a difference. Is it the ingredients or is the preparation. Let us dig in.

Location of Bhandari Paan Chanakayapuri

The prominent landmark is Chanakaya Cinema. It is right next to a petrol pump. It is almost the only shop on that road and in that vicinity. The popular Yashwant Place Shopping Complex is also nearby. It is a comparatively largish shop than the scores of paan shops found around.

All good about this Paan

Though we stuck to the basic options of meetha paan and chocolate paan, there are a few interesting options. Tobacco paan and meetha patta sada paan are two safe options. Also available is the Qiwam Paan. Check with the person at the counter if this is available. Qiwam Paan is filled with a special type of tobacco mix. It might not taste good and also give an instant kick. This type of paan is not so commonly available. This means they know what they are serving.

Chocolate paan has a few advantages besides the fact that it tastes good. Chocolate is good to eat after a meal. The most common dessert! After a meetha paan is complete, it is dipped in hot chocolate. Next it is allowed to cool. This seals the ingredients within the layers of chocolate. This way the paan stays fresh and tastes great too. Chocolate paan is further wrapped in a thin transparent foil and ready for sale.

Meetha paan on the other hand is freshly prepared after you place the order. Ingredients are fresh and top of the line. Prices are also reasonable, no premium paan stuff. This place also stocks other related accessories. We can easily grade this one as one of the best paan shops in Delhi.

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