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Bombay Brunch, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Bombay Bhelpuri is now a universally popular dish. It can be easily prepared at home, on the streets and available as a packaged version too. It is available on the menu of a lot of restaurants in New Delhi. But somehow the food capital of India has not got the flavors right in this simple yet intriguing street food. You can get some awesome Bhelpuri at Imly Restaurant. But Bombay Brunch at Satyaniketan has hit the nail on the head as far as street food from Mumbai is concerned.

Location of Bombay Brunch

At the time of writing this article, the place was not yet marked on Google Maps. A submission for inclusion has been made. So this paragraph will be updated soon.

The restaurant is located on the main road and it is easy to spot this cafe which is on the ground floor with a huge sign board. The chat hand cart dominated the entrance which is not easy to miss.

entrance to bombay brunch

About Bombay Brunch

Bombay Brunch is designed around Mumbai street food. Most items on the menu are those which can be prepared quickly, served fresh to customers and relished by all. There is a regular seating available as well as an informal bar style stools. Decor is simple and one of the walls is dominated with a huge TV.

About the food

We only had time to sample the chat items. Chat items are usually the test of any claim to authenticity. Simply delicious and as original as it gets. Sev puri is laced with slices of green mangoes. Ragda Puri has the familiar white peas soften to the right firmness. And Pani Puri has a correct sweet and sour balance. The ingredients are fresh and original. We had these nagging suspicion as to where is their source. But that discussion is for another times.

There is a version of cheese for many items on the menu which is again a good experiment to make a heavy version. There is something wrong with the Pani in the Pani Puri, it is too much of a watered down version of the original.

Going by the reviews of fellow members on Zomato, I think Bombay Brunch will soon find its way to name and fame. Also please note, the prices are not of that what you find on the streets of Mumbai. But the staff is nice and service is fast and you dont mind paying for the extra effort. Worth every penny.

Menu at Bombay Brunch


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