Juicy Lucy Burger or Cafe Delhi Heights

Either one has to voluntary stand down. Else we wont be able to decide who is better. But that can be done on some other day.

First the cafe. Multiple outlets in Delhi. Nice place. Ample parking. Good ambiance. Layout of all outlets is the same. First there are booth fashioned seating for four, each with their own TV screens. Then multiple seating for two and some more seating for four also. Then there is a huge seating for 10 people. Some outlets have separate seating smoking sections too.

Menu is very very exhaustive and the problem is all items on menu are good. So it will take multiple trips to try all the items. Nice. Service is fast and there is a bar in each outlet, but you never feel uncomfortable with the alcohol around.

Juicy Lucy arrives with a knife in the burger or a knife right though your diet plan. This burger is huge. The waiter offers you to slice in four parts, but my recommendations is do it yourself. As you start cutting you realize why this burger is called Juicy Lucy. And there is no way to tuck in the juices, except start eating them immediately. Juicy Lucy cannot be finished by a single person, but its worth the try. At the end of the day you can still boast that you tried.

Juicy Lucy is hands down the best experience Cafe Delhi Heights has to offer.

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