m i food center

M I Food Center, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Just behind India Habitat Centre is the Fifth Avenue Road. Lined up along one side of the road are a number of boutiques which are a treat to sore eyes. This road eventually leads to Old Meharchand Market. Somewhere in between is the eatery M I Food Center.

Location of M I Food Center

The restaurant is correctly marked on Google Maps. There is an additional place wrongly marked with the same name. But sticking to Fifth Avenue Road should be good.

About the restaurant

This place basically serves grill items and fried items with a few curries thrown in. The grill counter dominates the entrance. A display on one side has the fried goodies. The frying kadhai is inside. The cash counter is on one side. All in all a neatly kept and well run place. The order is placed at the cash counter. Only cash is accepted here. Order once placed is spoken on a PA system to the staff. Staff gets into action. If it is a grill order, it is prepared right in front of your eyes. An enjoyable experience during winters. Most customers who come here are for take away. A few enjoy their meal in the comfort of their cars. One stark difference you will notice is that the whole restaurant and its surrounding are neat and clean. Hardly any waste thrown around which is common in Delhi.

About the food

Typical Delhi Grill chicken and fish. Among the fry items there is fried chicken and lolipops. Chicken lolipops are sprinkled with ajwain. These type of fried items are sold at a few handful of eateries in Delhi. They taste well. We tried the standard chicken tikka and lolipops. Taste is too good. Chicken is fresh and grilled to perfection. Juices oozing out hit the palette. The smoked chicken pieces quickly disappear from your plate. Many reviewers on Zomato have declared this to be one of the best places to enjoy grilled chicken. Do not miss the fish tikka. Prices are reasonable. This is truly a hidden gem, yet undiscovered.

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