Pindiwala, Moti Nagar, New Delhi

What is the need to review such a small eating outlet. It has recently opened. It might run for a few weeks or months and the owner might venture into a better business. They have five to six items on the menu. The Gen next will not enjoy most of the menu. What is the need to review such places and waste time.

Location of Pindiwala

You will find this restaurant on the left side of the road as you approach Najafgarh road from Patel road just before Moti Nagar Metro Station. There is huge makeshift sign board placed on a car. There is enough parking for five to six cars outside the outlet. A couple of tables allow you to eat standing only. You will get personalized attention and customized meal as per your taste as this place is not too crowded.


Menu at Pindiwala

There is basically kheema meat, tikka and kebab on the menu. A huge tawa dominated the kitchen counter which means delicious tawa items. Goat brain or magaj, gurde and kapure are other items. Kharode however is the star of the show. And that is the reason why this tiny outlet is being reviewed by thetimelock.

Service is fast as the food is pre prepared and then finished off in front of you. Most of the food items at Pindidwala are good. Check out the amazing kulchas which as per the owner are his signature dish. Food is served in either paper plates or bowls as the case may be. The food is fresh and home made. It has a wonderful taste. Typical Delhi street food. And prices to surprise you!

Kharode or lamp totters soup or paya soup

This is primarily a winter food. It is widely used the world over for its typical characteristics and health benefits. It is full of nutrients like calcium. It is recommended for ageing related problems like bones or joints ache. It is also good for patients on the way to recovery especially women who have just delivered. It keeps you warm during winters. The preparation method is simple but time consuming. That is why it has gone off the menu of most restaurants and kitchens. The totters need to be washed thoroughly washed first. Then cooked for a long time over a slow flame so that the bones are soft enough and the gelatin of the bones and the marrow seeps in the soup. This soup is further customized as per local tastes and consumed either standalone or with bread.


Another interesting health benefit of paya soup is that is chases flu away. Running nose, choked airways and cold related headache, all go away with just one bowl of this soup. Kharode is consumed during breakfast. It gives the required nourishment and energy for a day of hard labor ahead. That is primarily it is available in Old Delhi in Jama Majid area at restaurants like Karim’s and Al Jawahar. But at these places it finishes off by 10 o clock in the morning. In the evenings it is available on hand carts in pockets in Delhi. The number of shops selling this delicacy is reducing every year.

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