Prankster, Sector 29, Gurugram

All roads lead to Sector 29 in the march to the micro breweries. All the excited citizen want a place to park their cars and a place to sit with their friends and a place to have good food and brew beer. What you might get instead is snarling traffic jams. No place to park. Waiting outside restaurants. No stag entry. Either good food or good beer but seldom both together. The list is endless. It is as if some unseen force is holding you back from your share of fun. Thankfully Prankster more than makes up for what Sector 29 in general lacks.

Location of Prankster

About Prankster

Prankster Restaurant is located on the first floor. It occupies the entire floor of the building. As you enter the place, you are astonished by the huge seating. Variety of options start from high chairs, tables, scooters, outdoor seating and even bunk beds! People enjoy seating in the amphi theater where you can curl up your legs and relax. People also enjoy seating on the high chairs, even though the tables are vacant. The bunk beds are another seating option, though I was wondering how people manage to have food in such a seating. Anyway I thought it best not to click photos of the guests on the bunk bed!

outdoor seating of prankster on a jeep!

The interiors are done up nicely. Target audience is clear, the young crowd. So there is library and laboratory which is made as close to the original as possible and many other such places familiar with college life. There is also a jeep seating where you can have food. There are enough spaces where you can escape the music. The dance floor is huge, but it is not make shift. The outdoor seating doubles up as smoking area. With so many option, the seating can be chosen as per preference.

About the food and drinks

Another positive about this place. Lets start with beer. House Brew is in four options. The taste gets stronger as you go down the menu. Next comes local brew which is draught beer by local companies. Many options here too, mostly all brands. Then the imported draught beer, limited options. Then comes the standard drinks options like cocktails, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, shooters, wines, etc. The full bar. Cocktails and mocktails seem to be a popular choice here. But we are beer drinkers and usually stick to the home brew.

The food menu begins with bar food which is only available till seven in the evening. Then comes small plates. The perfect order for sampling snacks in small quantities. Each food item has a funky name. A chilli icon denotes the level of spiciness. A chef hat icon indicates the chef special. Simple items like chilli chicken and twists like Lahori Bun Kabab. Next comes the burger which they proudly claim as the biggest burger in town. To be consumed by four persons, we did not attempt this feat. Also during our stay no other customer was having it. Maybe next time and in a bigger group. Then there is pizza, regular local snacks and main course which is also local. We also tried chicken tikka which was presented well. The problem with ordering the home brew is that there is no place in the stomach for food.

A quick wrap up

Prankster is the place with no waiting and ample seating. There is good music and dance floor. Interiors are done up well. The home brew is both delicious and does not burn a hole in the pocket. Food is also special. Pricing for both is reasonable.

Something off the topic…

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