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Sandburg Shakes, Sector 50, Gurugram

Starting with Sandburg Shakes, thetimelock is covering a series of reviews of the restaurants located in Baani Square which is the ultimate food hub in Gurugram. Why being with Sandburg Shakes, because this one is to most popular outlet on Zomato in Baani Square. We were also curious to find out what is so good about this place.

Location of Sandburg Shakes

Sandburg Shakes is located in the inside of Baani Square. Well within inside of the mall. It is situated on the Ground Floor with easy access, both from basement parking and outside entry.

About Sandburg Shakes

This outlet is really easy to miss. But as the name suggests it has a main collection of burgers and shakes. But that is not all. They also have sandwiches and croissants. Plus there is pasta, pizza, rollers, toasts, salads and coffee. That is an impressive and exhaustive list. They also do home delivery and boy the delivery boy is busy.

Burger menu is huge and there are options for customization and increasing the size of the patty. Number of options mean that you can choose one for your taste. Same goes for almost all the items on the menu. Lots of choices. We had already a tummy full so had to go only for chicken nuggets. This is popular item for the kids and we got a thumbs up there. We also ordered for a shake. Nice and creamy, not too thick, nor too watered down. It had a huge foam on top.

Both the prices and portions have nothing to complain against. There is both inside and outside seating. It is enough to accommodate a small crowd. Might have to get some waiting during week ends or rush hours. Service is fast and efficient. No problems over there too. Overall it is a nice place and no surprises to guess why it is the most highly rated outlet in Baani Square.

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