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Smoke On Water, Connaught Place, New Delhi

In the continued search for Draught Beer in Delhi takes us to one of the last of the places on our wish list, Smoke on Water. This restaurant is highly rated on Zomato. Smoke On Water means three things, Beer on tap, great wings and the big guy burger. Lets move on check out this trio.

Location of Smoke On Water

Smoke On Water is properly marked on Google Maps. It is located in D block. Nearest landmark is Haldirams.

About the beer part

First let us cover the beer which forms an important part of the trio. Beer is available on the table. It is a smart card based system. The system is completely automated. But there is someone always available to help you out or place the orders or refill the glass. A smart card can be charged. Then placed on the sensor. The tap can then be opened to get fresh beer on the table.

smoke on water

Beer on tap at the table is the best system possible to get the freshest beer. The beer is chilled. You can take out as much as you require only. It has a slight edge over the tower. Smoke On Water gives two options. Bira tap beer on the lower floor and Fosters at the upper floor. Only two options at the tap. But still much better. Fosters is the recommended brand. The entire system was neat and smooth and the experience wonderful.

tap beer on table

About the Wings

If anyone is in love with chicken wings, Smoke On Water should be his/her permanent address. 16 types of wings and three options of quantity. We tried the Buffalo wings which are in the spicy variety. Then there is the Peri Peri option which is more spicy. Mild options are also a plenty. All in all, lots to choose from. Chicken Wings do not take much time to arrive. Sauces on the outside are very taste. The chicken is also cooked to perfection. Nothing amiss. Only goodies.

The big guy burger

There are very few restaurants in Delhi who attempt to serve the big burgers. It is the ultimate of culinary perfection with some style. The juicy lucy option by Cafe Delhi Heights chain is one such shiny example. So when I saw the Big Guy burger on the menu, I was excited.

the big guy burger

The fun with the big burgers is the cutting part which has to be done by the one who wants to eat it. Cafe Delhi Heights provides a gigantic knife to slice the burger. As the knife drives through the patty, the juices ooze out which gives out its name of juicy lucy. The server at Smoke On Water was surprised when I refused his offer of cutting up the burger. He was even more surprised when I asked about the knife. Giving a special Knife with the burger is humbly requested. To complete the big burger experience.

Anyway the burger held good. It is full of calories. Layers and layers of stuff. Even a fried egg in between. The patty was nice, juicy and tasty. Onion rings were crispy. Potato fries provided as sides were also good. We had a wonderful experience with the big guy burger. Again highly recommended.


Other points

Prices are reasonable. Service is good. Seating is adequate. There is not much waiting too, even during peak hours. Music is blaring all around. This makes conversation almost impossible. Fortunately they have an option to switch off the music on the upper floor. They did so for us on request. That was a nice gesture. A mix seating is available with a large seating arrangement next to the bar which can accommodate a huge family or group. The entire restaurant is a smoking zone with hukka served. Otherwise smoking area is outside. There is no dance floor. Parking is the usual Connaught Place chaos. But once inside, you are cut off from the outside din.

We were on the search for the three best things any restaurant can offer. Full marks on all three points. We were wanting to have Kingfisher beer, but unfortunately it is not available at the tap.

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