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Superstar Cafe, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

This place is going to sure excite Hindi movie fans. The theme is based on movies of yester years. That was the golden age of Indian Cinema. Nice and fancy that the Superstar Cafe  should be based on that. But wait, it is not just about the theme, but some nice food to go along too.

Location of Superstar Cafe

Superstar Cafe is located in the restaurant hub of Satyaniketan. It is located on the first floor. It is closer to the ring road side.

About the theme of the cafe

Superstar Cafe is themed on the most popular theme with the common person, Hindi Movies. Or dream town or tinsel town. The place were dreams become reality. It is also known very commonly as Bollywood but I am personally a bit averse of using it.

Right from the word go the theme takes on. Beautiful pictures on the wall. Carefully designed menu and tiny hints here and there. You can spend a lot of time having a look here and there till the food arrives. Then you change gears and move on to the food.

The cafe has seating for four mostly and sofa seating for six or more. There is also a group based low seating for large groups. This place is catering for mostly the young crowd. This place is a smoking zone, so be prepared for those odorless fumes of hukkah or sheesha. Parking outside is free and mostly available. There might be some waiting due to the popularity of this restaurant during rush hours like week ends.

About the menu

This place has a standard menu, but it is very very exhaustive. You might be spoilt for choices. Most of the items are the quick bite and quick prepare types. There is also a large list of hot and cold beverages and drinks. Lots of variety in that too. Food does not take too much time to arrive. Service is also good and efficient. We ordered just a couple of items and one drink. Chicken 65 was tasty and the portions were good. Hot and sour soup was not too spicy which is good. Many places try to go overboard with the spices to make it extra hot. Finally the drink we had was the marble bottled soda with masala. Tasty and refreshing again.

Food prices are as the norm in Satyaniketan. Down to earth and with good portions. The place is nice and peaceful to carry out conversation with friends. No blaring music too. There is a small place with projector for screening of live sports events. All in all a nice place and deserves to be so highly rated on Zomato.

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