truth about cats and dogs

The truth about cats and dogs and other animals

Since ancient times, there has been a struggle between two species to win the hearts and minds of humans. The dog species always has the edge with an array of weapons in their arsenal. But it was never a decisive win. The cat species always a surprise or two up their sleeve. After all cats are the original inventors of the term “Cat Walk”. The most hallowed battle ground is the humans home. A dog is brought home as a pet, while the domestic cat is always already there. Do other animals even stand a chance.

Dog – The ultimate companion for humans

There is an old saying, a dog is a man’s best friend. When it comes to popularity in terms of sheer numbers, the dog species is always the clear victor. Whether it is the drop ears, pawing, rolling on back or tail wagging. They have it all. Even if a dog is standing still or sitting and doing nothing, it never fails to attract ohs and aahs from everyone. Puppies are the ultimate weapon unleashed on unsuspecting humans. Even the most cold hearted person can be won over by these bundles of joy. And they always come in groups or litters with each pup having its distinct personality.

Dogs come in different shapes, sizes, colors and roles. Even the most ferocious dog is lovable too. In a family as a pet, dog recognizes his/her owner and the children. Each family member gets a different treatment. Dogs are specially careful with small children. Their instinct as watch guards and intelligence easily make them part of the human family. Training a dog is easy. Humans have covered a lot of ground in how to train their dog.

A pet dog requires lot of love and care. He is like another infant and has to be given full time attention. Dogs require regular exercise and training for their daily activities. Plus vaccination, visits to the vets and regular grooming becomes an important routine for the family. There aren’t too many dog friendly places to take yours around. But all this does not deterred people from keeping them as pets. A bond with the pet is life long.

Shown above are some photos of wild dogs on the upper reaches of the mountains.

Cat – It is the cat that chooses its owner

Cats relation with humans can at best be called complicated. Cats love people, but on their terms. Cats are great companion. Cats had a special place in ancient Egypt and they were sacred. I recently came to know about an interesting behavior of cat with its kitten as it moves from house to house. A cat will love you, but only on his/her terms. It can be comfortable staying in one home, and at the same time visiting other homes nearby too. Cats have strong likes and dislikes. Cat is a definition of elegance.

Other cute animals

We connect with animals easily. Humans have domesticated and brought in lots of animals as pets. Be it the fluffy rabbits or the mighty horse. Or the wild ones like squirrel or the house sparrow. Interestingly the house sparrow was thought to have been wiped out from urban areas due to the microwave radiation from mobile towers. But despite all odds these wonderful birds have made a come back.

parrot on a tree

house sparrow


Leap of faith



Stray puppies – cute animals caught in the wrong place

As the urban population shoots up and humans are cramped for space, each season gives a litter of stray pups. Within no time and mostly unnoticed they grow up. Take some time to view these joyous animals at play, the dog species ultimate weapon.


The title of this post is a tribute to a beautiful and romantic movie released in 1996. It starred Ben Chaplin, Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thruman in the lead role. Janeane plays the role of a vet hosting a radio show. She attends to call from various pet owners to help them deal with pet related issue. In one such call she rescues Ben from a tight situation with his Great Dane.

In return Ben wants to meet her and know more about her. He has already fallen in love with her voice. But Janeane considers herself not so attractive and instead describes herself as another girl, Uma Thruman. Uma and Ben do meet but now Ben is confused that the two women, one on the phone and one who he meets are two different persons. He always likes the woman on the phone.

Finally the truth is revealed and Janeane and Ben unite.

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