Wild Masheer

Wild Masheer, Balipara, Assam

What do you do with a British era tea plantation. Beautify the place and package it as resort. And then you will have tourist come visiting it in droves. Add a little spice with the local culture and cuisine, with lots of jungles around and no TV in the room, suddenly you have hit the sweet spot of pure relaxation. Looking for such a place. Go to Wild Masheer at Balipara near Tezpur, Assam.

Location of Wild Masheer

It is very tricky to reach this place as it is in the interiors. We were staying nearby for about two years, but yet had a daunting time looking for it. Best if the hotel can arrange transport for you right from the airport. Nearest airport is in Guwahati.

The drive from Guwahati to Tezpur is four hours plus. The road is good and the view is fabulous. But make sure you do not hit the road after sunset or nearing sunset. Once you reach close to Tezpur you need to hit the road going to Arunachal Pradesh at a prominent junction called Mission Chirali and then you reach Balipara, where the resort is located.

Prior booking is absolutely essential. Get the complete details from their website.


What to expect there

Staying close to nature with lots of adventure activity nearby. Stay is very comfortable and staff is very good. The place is managed well. Also you can visit the nearby places of tourist attraction and ofcourse the historic Tezpur city. Plus this place is in the vicinity of three national parks including Nameri and Kaziranga.

Interesting news of visit of Aamir Khan

This place shot to fame when Aamir Khan stayed here to celebrate his wife’s birthday in Nov, 2013. Read about the news here



The management was kind enough to allow me to click a few photographs. Hope you will also plan a visit there. Remember to soak in the things they way they come in.

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